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Opening Thursday, Feb 20th 6-8 pm at VillageOne Space (594 Broadway Suite701) Exhibition on view Feb 13- March 31, 2020 Altered Visions presents works by artists Amy Hill and Guido Garaycochea at VillageOne Space in SoHo. Presenting works inspired by Pop Art and Surrealism in equal measure, the artists’ work complement one another, providing a reflection of the past by presenting historical art figures who have defined the landscape of contemporary art. Amy Hill’s contemporary visions of iconic Renaissance and Flemish portraiture bring the prosaic into the present day. Presenting contemporary takes on classic artists such as Jan Van Eyck and Hans Holbein the Younger, Hill translates these venerated masters into a modern-day lexicon. Guido Garaycochea presents absurdist, cross-generational narratives framed by cultural devices such as fashion and popular music. Works such as “Andi’s Nap” allows insights into the interior of a subject we think we know well by accessing Warhol’s inner “thoughts” masked as an interior of a room. Humorous and inventive, Garaycochea returns to his reference points by extending a dialogue from notable art history moments, extending a bridge from the past to a modern day audience. Garaycochea and Hill both deftly engage with how viewers frame history through the lens of the present, invoking the spirit of great artists of the past while striking out on their own to define their artistic practices for a new generation. --- VillageOne, located 594 Broadway, Suite 701 in SoHo, is an art gallery with a co-working space designed for creative minds across communication, fashion and photography. Seeking to promote individuality and imagination along with artistic expression, VillageOne is a site for diversity, beauty and collaboration to coexist in harmony.

  • Date: 2/20/2020 06:00 PM
  • Location 594 Broadway, Suite 701, New York, NY 1002 (Map)