Born in Lima, Peru, studied Art at the "Escuela Nacional Superior de Bellas Artes del Perú" and graduated from art school with several awards and honors. In 1992-­‐93, he moved to Chile and resumed his studies there, studying for his Bachelor of Aesthetics Degree and later his Master's degree in History and Theory of Art, later an MFA at SVA. He taught Art for many years in Chilean universities before moving to the United States. Once here, he taught at Mitchell College, UCONN, TTCC, and York Correctional in CT. Garaycochea cofounded Expressiones Cultural Center in New London, CT, in 2009, a non­‐profit organization that promotes understanding between the Anglo and Hispanic communities through the arts to bridge cultural differences and showcase Latin American arts and culture. As curator of the artist residency at Expressions, he has promoted and encouraged the careers of numerous Latin American artists. He shares his time working as the Adult Programs and the New New Yorkers program manager at the Queens Museum in New York while keeping his artistic practice alive in his Manhattan studio as a studio program member at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts and participating in various exhibitions.